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Note: Small parts create a choking hazard for children. Make sure that all materials you choose to use for an activity or lesson with children meet safety requirements. Small parts are not appropriate for children who are 5 years of age or younger.

By Title Lesson Title
3D Forms
A Cat Quandary
Apple Counting Fun
Apples and Oranges
At What Time
Beaded Necklaces
Bears in a Bucket
Cereal Sorting
Circles and Bears
Classroom Survey
Coin Rubbing Matching Game
Counting Dice Roll
Cracker Tangrams
Diaper Time On Off
Diaper Time Up Down
Dinosaur Hop
Dots of Fun
Dressing - Over Under
Dressing - Same Different
Dressing Big Dressing Little
Dressing On Off
Dressing Up Down
Drop Off Pick Up In Out
Drop Off Pick Up Open Close
Dynamic Dominos
Eating Up Patterns
Estimation Destination
Fill The Carton
Fire Truck Fun
Float Fly Drive
Flower Fun
Grab Bag Fun
Groovy Buttons
Guess The Weight
Heads or Tails
Hot Cocoa
How Big is a Foot
How Many Beads
How Many Legos Tall
Hungry Alligator
Inch by Inch
Jack and the Beanstalk
Jump in the River
Jumping Jacks
Knives Forks and Spoons Oh My
Laundry Sorting
Lego Math
Links and Length
Making Shapes
Mealtime - Big Little
Mealtime - Full Empty
Mealtime - In Out
Mealtime - More All Done
Mealtime - Same Different
Mealtime - Stop Go
Measuring Straws
Monkey Mania
Mouse Count
Noodle Cadoodle
Noodle Cadoodle Counting
Number Memory
Number Sequence Puzzle
Number Yard
Odd or Even
One Duck Stuck
One Fish Red Fish
Ordinal Number Sort
Outdoor Play - Big Little
Outdoor Play - In Out
Outdoor Play - More All Done
Outdoor Play - Over Under
Outdoor Play - Same Different
Outdoor Play - Stop Go
Over Under Through
Painted Rock
Patterns in Sounds and Shapes
Picture Pie Fractions
Pinch a Penny
Planes Trains and Automobiles
Playtime - All Done
Playtime - Big Little
Playtime - Empty Full
Playtime - In Out
Playtime - On Off
Playtime - Open Close
Playtime - Same Different
Playtime - Stop Go
Playtime - Under Over
Probability Jar
Quack and Count
Remainder of One
Roll and Record
Rub A Shape
Run Walk Crawl
Sandwich Shop Game
Shape Hunt
Shape of Things
Shoe Sort
Show Me Your Shoe
Silly Circles
Simply Symmetry
Slide Flip and Turn
Soft Patterning Fun
Sticker Shapes
Subtraction Bowling
Symmetry Game
Take a Trip with Rooster
Tally It Up
Telling Time
Ten Nine eight
The Tiny Seed
Tod Und Leben
Trucks and Blocks
Uno Math
Up Down and Around
Vehicle Patterning
Walk with Rosie
What Comes in Twos Threes and Fours
What Is In A Name
When a Line Bends
Which is Tallest
Who Sank the Boat
Whos Hiding
Wonderful Worms
Yummy Cookie Fun



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