Weighing with a Bucket Balance

Balances and scales are rich with opportunities for children to consider weight and size.  The Bucket Balance, pictured below is made for the classroom and it encourages children to weigh objects “relatively” to a standard weight or “relatively” to another object.  Through trial and error, they can see if an object is lighter or heavier than another object and then adjust the balance until they make it the same.

Remember, young children may be fooled by appearances, so they may think that something that is “bigger” may weigh more, while that might not be true at all.

Learning Resources says of the Bucket Balance that it is “Perfect for exploring basic measurement concepts.” Children can measure, explore volume and compare solids and liquids.

Bucket Balance


This coming Thursday, I am going to write about a gross motor game that uses the bucket balance.  I think you are going to like it.


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    1. I saw a really interesting balance scale today in an antique store (not really antiques, more like old junk). If I had a classroom, I would have bought it ($13).

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