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Christina Delgado, M.Ed., is a preschool teacher at Erie Neighborhood House, a community service agency with a mission to promote a just and inclusive society by strengthening low-income, primarily Latino, families through skill-building, access to critical resources, advocacy and collaborative action. Delgado, who has been nurturing young children’s growth and development at Erie Neighborhood House since 2006, is passionate about teaching young children basic skills and concepts that will serve as a foundation for lifelong learning. She earned her M.Ed. in early childhood education from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2013 and her B.A. in bilingual/bicultural elementary education from Northeastern Illinois University in 2005. In 2017, Delgado coauthored the article, “Armando, a Child Growing Up in Humboldt Park, Chicago,” which was published in the Childhood Explorer, an online publication dedicated to sharing stories about programs that provide quality education, care and support for children and youth in diverse communities and circumstances. She has shared her knowledge about teaching mathematics in the preschool classroom at conferences throughout the state of Illinois. In October 2018, Delgado will be traveling to Peoria with Erie Neighborhood House Education Coordinator (and Math at Home July 2017 guest blogger) David Banzer to conduct a presentation entitled “Engineering and Mathematics in the Preschool Classroom” at the Illinois AEYC Growing Futures Conference.

Posts by Christina Delgado

Early Math in Projects: Part #4

In the last blog, I talked about children moving from representing buildings from the neighborhood to designing their own building, representing that building with unit blocks, and sketching a re-designed version of what they built with blocks. Once they were done with this process, we wanted them to take some time and reflect on what […]

Early Math in Projects: Part #3

In the last couple of blogs, I talked about children having the opportunity to represent buildings from the neighborhood using different materials. Children were also able to experience the buildings in different forms: seeing the building in person on a walk, reflecting on the photos of the buildings, constructing the buildings with table blocks and […]

Early Math in Projects: Part #2

In the last blog, I talked about the first step of our building project which was going on a neighborhood walk and sketching a building, concentrating on a specific detail such as number of windows, stairs or the kind of roof that the building had (pitched versus flat). Children had the opportunity to work with […]

Early Math in Projects: Part #1

As a preschool teacher, I’ve always had a bit of difficulty teaching math or using a lot of math language in the classroom. This slowly changed as a result of attending math professional development cohorts and changing my teaching practices to use math language when children were using specific materials such as magna-tiles, blocks, Legos […]