Laura Roush, A.B.A., A.A.S.

Laura Roush has spent nearly three decades nurturing the development of the whole child, promoting a joyful approach to learning and celebrating the wonder and magic of the early childhood years. In 1995, this award-winning educator founded Laura’s Learn and Play Nature School, a Colorado-based early childhood education center. Certified as a National Wildlife Federation Eco-School, this nature-rich environment is designed to encourage children to explore, discover and engage in independent, imaginative play inspired by what they love. Roush’s unique curriculum—which incorporates elements of the Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Waldorf philosophies of early childhood education, as well as STEAM and literacy components—has earned her national recognition, including the 2016 NAFCC National Family Childcare Provider of the Year award. She earned her associate of business administration degree from the Community College of Denver in 1990 and her associate of applied science degree in early childhood education from Front Range Community College in 2010. Since 2018, Laura’s Learn and Play Nature School has served as a laboratory school for the next generation of early childhood educators at Front Range Community College. She is deeply committed to connecting children with nature and believes that math learning begins when we are born and travels with us wherever we are.

Posts by Laura Roush, A.B.A., A.A.S.

Cooking Up Mathematical Fun

Research indicates that when children enter kindergarten, math skills are one of the leading indicators of their future academic success. “Early math skills are important predictors of later success in school in both reading and math.” (Duncan, et al., 2017). Therefore, the importance of creating math opportunities in early childhood is crucial. Because math is […]

Mathematical Magic of Sandcastles

Process art is important to young learners. It speaks to the idea that children do not need structured, planned out, learning opportunities but instead appreciate the opportunity for rich experiences through exploration and wonder. Finding ways to encourage children’s interests in the early learning environment builds important brain connections. Children feel supported as they understand […]

Painting a Colorful World with Math

Children see the world with “big eyes.” It is a child’s profound curiosity and love of wonder that helps them understand others and their own place in the world. When I create spaces for learning, I want to envision the environment as children do. Combining math with artistic experiences is a great way to turn […]

Math Plus Art Equals Joyful Learning

  Children have an innate sense of joy; to dream, learn, and seek wonder in everything. They have bright enthusiasm and endless curiosity. Just a brief conversation with a three-year-old will give you a sense of how beautiful they find the world. I strive to capture that magic when designing a math environment to meet […]