Toi Wells

Toi Wells, M.Ed., is a preschool teacher at University of Illinois at Chicago Children’s Center, which provides high-quality early care and education for the children of University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) students, faculty and staff. The UIC Children’s Center also provides valuable classroom experiences for UIC students majoring in early childhood education or related areas and advances our knowledge of young children and their families through university-based research projects. Wells, who believes that early childhood education lays the foundation for a successful life, works with preschoolers at the Center to foster the development of their cognitive, social-emotional and self-regulation skills. She especially enjoys working with the children on activities designed to foster the development of early math and literacy skills. Prior to her work at the UIC Children’s Center, Wells served as a KinderCare program specialist, an early childhood teacher at The Gardner School and an infant teacher at Green Beginnings Chicago, LLC. She earned her M.Ed. in early childhood education, with a concentration in special education and ESL, from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2016 and her B.A. in business administration, with a concentration in management, from Georgia State University in 2009.

Posts by Toi Wells

Music and Movement = Fun

As soon as they hear a tune, children will get up and move their little bodies to a rhythm. As an early childhood educator, I love to incorporate music and movement into my lesson planning each week because children LOVE it and it is a powerful learning tool. Children enjoy learning through music and can […]

Creating Your Own Board Games

As an early childhood educator I have learned that young children enjoy creating learning items for their classroom environment. The children I have worked with loved creating books, art and games for the classroom. I found that one great way to include literacy with learning math was having children create a math board game using […]

Mealtime Math

Mealtime with a young child can be trying for parents, teachers, caregivers and children! Children can be passionate about what they love to eat and what they dislike. In fact, mealtime can be dreadful for parents and other adults in a child’s life if the child will not eat what has been made or will […]

Playing Games

When playing games, preschool children typically believe that there will be a winner and a loser at the end of the game. I often hear the phrases “I win!” or “You lose!!” when observing children involved in a multiple-player game. The competitiveness and desire to “be the winner” can overshadow the objectives of playing the […]