Lisa Ginet, Ed.D.

Since 2009, Lisa Ginet, Ed.D. has served as a member of the Erikson Institute’s Early Math Collaborative, which was launched in 2007 to transform early math teaching and learning. During her tenure as assistant director of facilitation for the Early Math Collaborative, Dr. Ginet has thought a lot about the essence of foundational math, as well as ways to foster mathematical thinking in children, make math engaging and enjoyable for adults and create authentic mathematical environments in early childhood classrooms. Prior to her work at the Erikson Institute, she spent more than a quarter century as an educator, working as a classroom teacher, child care provider, parent educator, home visitor, teacher trainer and adjunct instructor in settings that ranged from child care centers and elementary and middle schools to community colleges and universities. She earned her B.A. in psychology and social relations from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges and her M.S.E. in early childhood and elementary education from the Bank Street College of Education. In 2010, she received her Ed.D. in early childhood education from Concordia University Chicago. Her doctoral dissertation explored the ways that teacher attitudes and beliefs about mathematics influence classroom practices in early childhood settings.

Posts by Lisa Ginet, Ed.D.

Where’s The Math?

Math is a natural way of thinking and making sense of the world. Mathematical situations arise every day. You have to be ready to notice the math all around us and to engage children in doing and talking about math. Attribute is a mathematical idea that arises very early. Attributes are properties or qualities that […]

What Are They Thinking?

posted by Lisa Ginet It is hard to know what is going on in anyone’s brain. Even when asked to explain ourselves, we cannot always express our ideas clearly. Young children, who are still developing both their communication and reasoning abilities, have an especially hard time explain their own thinking in words or “showing their […]

Math is fun? Really it is.

posted by Lisa Ginet “Let’s do math!” I often say at the start of a workshop. This may lead to some panicked looks or trips to the bathroom. If I say, “no pencils or calculators involved,” then a few people will laugh, and most will look more willing to try what I suggest … What […]

What is Math?

posted by Lisa Ginet When you hear or see the word “math,” what do you think of? Your high school algebra class? Balancing your checkbook? A geeky engineer with pocket protectors? When you add “early childhood” to “math,” what do you think of then? A little one learning to say, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, […]